Zoom Reflections

May 3, 2020

On Friday, May 1 we had a successful online Q&A using Zoom.  We’ve had numerous positive responses from participants and a few suggestions.

Here are some details. We had 47 participant members in this first session. On Thursday’s practice session to become familiar with Zoom we had 14 participants. Most had no prior experience with Zoom. Here are a few  takeaways from my perspective. Overall it was a success. Participants were able to connect with both audio and video. We were able to do screen sharing. Questions were submitted through the built in chat. Then the question submitter could elaborate and explain in more detail. We attempted to have a variety of people respond.

We had 94 people request invitations. About half connected on Friday.2 people canceled due to conflicts. Maybe others got busy, forgot, or had second thoughts. Maybe a few were not sure how to connect to Zoom. A few misplaced the email with the Meeting ID and password.

We more than likely use will  Zoom again, especially while the Saddlebrook Rec Center is unavailable. We also have many members who are wisely keeping their distance due to underlying health reasons.  Security and privacy was a  concern. Zoom has received lots of bad publicity and have made strides to be more secure. Some of the issues were the practices not  taken by the hosts. We covered those pretty thoroughly. It was a private invite via Mail Chimp to members only. The detailed information was sent to you by request. We asked you to not share that information. You need to identify yourself. We verified that. You had to enter a password. Participants were muted initially. We limited screen sharing. Everyone passed with flying colors.

It may even be a way to connect with presenters who can contribute but can’t attend.

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