Sharing your Screen in Zoom

Jun 26, 2020

If you participate in one of our TVAUG Tuesdays Help sessions via Zoom, you may have to show us what your issue is on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone. Every situation at the Help session doesn’t require a screen share.  But here are some tips just in case you wish to do so.
If you have never shared your screen in Zoom before, there are some things that you need to do to make everything work smoothly.
This is a one time setup.

On the Mac you need to go in System Preferences  > Privacy& Security > Screen Recording, You will need to unlock the icon in the bottom left with your password.  Then check Zoom. Then lock it back up and exit System Preferences.

On an iPad/ iPhone it is similar. Go to iOS Settings > tap Control Center > tap Customize Controls > tap the + sign next to Screen Recording. Then close out of Settings. Then when back in Zoom if you want to share your  screen click on Share Content.

Just to clarify… when you share your screen it just means that we can see your screen. We can’t control it or make any changes.

This should save lots of time on Tuesdays. I hope this helps.

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