Forum for ALL Members – UPDATED!!

Nov 14, 2020

Our TVAUG Forum was rolled out a few months ago and has proven to be a popular and helpful feature for our members. Throughout this pandemic while the Saddlebrook Rec Center has been closed, we’ve been meeting online via Zoom on Tuesdays afternoons for an hour or so.

In addition to those regular meetings, our forum gives you the ability to ask your questions any time of the day – any day of the week!

Because we still don’t know when things will be getting back to normal at Saddlebrook, the board has agreed that ALL ACTIVE members of TVAUG should be added to the forum.  If your yearly membership is up-to-date, you will automatically be added to the forum.  You will no longer have to go thru the current process of requesting membership.

If you’re not familiar with our forum and its features, I encourage you to check out the FAQs here.  More info about this added feature of your TVAUG membership will be posted here and sent out via our newsletter in the upcoming days.

*** UPDATE ***

In case you did not get our MailChimp newsletter on October 13th with additional details, here they are again:

  • WHO:  All members of TVAUG whose membership is up-to-date will be added to our Support Forum
  • WHAT: Information about what our forum is and its features can be found in this FAQ link
  • WHEN: Over the next few weeks
  • WHERE: You will receive an email notifying you upon your membership in the forum
  • WHY: Because you’re special to us!


1) Where can I find more info about the TVAUG forum?
We have a whole section in our FAQs here dedicated to questions about our Forum.  If you can’t find an answer there, just send us an email.

2) How do I know if my membership is up-to-date?
We have an FAQ for that also! Did you know there are 2 places to find that info?  Click here for the FAQ about checking your renewal date…

3) Will this mean more emails?
Yes – and no…it’s up to you!  When you get added, you will initially be setup to receive just a once-daily list of topics that were posted that day. If there were no new posts that day, no daily summary email is sent.

You can change your subscription settings to receive all messages as they are posted or None at all if you prefer.  We have some members who want to receive an email every time there is a posting, others who are happy with just getting a daily summary, and others who don’t want any emails at all and just go to the forum website ( to browse the postings and submit their questions that way.

There is an FAQ that describes how to change the frequency of your forum emails here and what the various options are.

4) Can I join now and not wait until I get added?
Sure!  Guess what….there’s an FAQ here for that also-:)

5) I previously unsubscribed from the forum.  Will I be added back in?
No.  If you previously unsubscribed completely from the forum by accident or for whatever reason, you will not be re-added as part of this project.  If you DO want to re-register, you can do so by following the FAQ in #4 above.

6) What if I don’t want to be in this support forum at all?
First, we have to ask…WHY?  If you are concerned about getting too many emails, you can change the default setting of once per day to none and still be a member and submit questions.  However, if you completely want to be removed from our forum for whatever reason, there is a link in every email to do so.  In addition, there is an FAQ here on how to unsubscribe completely.

7) I still have questions about the forum that you didn’t cover.
Yikes!…I thought I covered them all-;). But seriously though, if there is something we didn’t cover in the FAQs or above, feel free to send us a note.

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