Is your Membership Profile up to date?

Jan 20, 2021

We’ve recently received emails from quite a few users regarding new email addresses. The email address you used when first becoming a member of TVAUG is the one in our membership database and is used for renewing your membership on the membership site, signing into this forum, and the one in our MailChimp system for sending out renewal notices, the TVAUG Weekly News, and also meeting reminders and other club announcements.

We’ve had lots of discussions in recent Zoom meetings about moving from some of the less secure email providers like AOL, Yahoo, etc. to iCloud or Gmail. This was also discussed in this news post last June. So I think quite a lot of these requests are a result of that.

We have an FAQ about how to update your membership profile to can change your membership email address — the one that feeds all our systems — here.


Even if you don’t want to change your email, now is a good time to double-check your profile info to make sure your info is still accurate.

— Your TVAUG Membership Team

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