SIG Meetings Renamed!

Jul 3, 2021

SAME TIME — SAME PLACE — Basically just a new label.  Our TVAUG Tuesdays Special Interest Group (SIG) Meetings have a new name this month to better reflect what is actually done on those 2nd Tuesdays of the month.  When we initially came up with the idea of Special Interest Group meetings back in pre-pandemic days, we envisioned members having hands-on meetings at the Saddlebrook Rec Center.  That all changed, of course, so we are re-branding these online Zoom meetings to better reflect their content.  Plus the picture is much cuter!!

NOTE: This month’s Show & Tell Meeting is actually a Special Event as we have a guest speaker.  Dan Wassink from Dan’s Tutorials will be doing one of his famous “AMA — Ask Me Anything” presentations.  Check out his website at — there is LOTS of great info there.


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