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Apple Releases Numerous Updates

With its engineers back on the job after the end-of-year holiday, Apple has released updates for all its major operating systems, though without any particular theme. iOS 13 gains a new privacy setting, iOS and iPadOS receive a fix for an easily circumvented parental...

Use the macOS Home App To Control Home Devices

The new Home app in macOS Mojave allows you to control lights and other devices in your Home. It is a simple extension of the Home app and HomeKit functionality that has already existed in iOS for a while. Now you can control those devices using your Mac too. Watch...

HomeCam app for HomeKit cameras adds support for Siri Shortcuts, Apple Watch app, more

HomeCam, the popular HomeKit app for iOS and tvOS that allows you to view multiple video streams from your HomeKit cameras simultaneously, has received a nice update today on iOS. The update brings a new Apple Watch app, Siri Shortcut support, and more more. Read full...

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