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5 ways to easily transfer files between an iPhone and Mac

Apple’s ecosystem of products generally works quite well when you’re in it. Using iMessage on your iPhone and picking up where you left off on your Mac is quite cool and can be rather useful. However, you might have wondered how this experience translates to sharing files between an iPhone and a Mac. Here are five ways to do just that. 

Creating Photo Collages on Your Mac

Photo collages are a lot of fun. Back in the old days, there were picture frames one could buy that had openings for multiple photos of family, trips, and so on. In these all-digital days, there are Mac apps that do the same thing for you. Posterino is popular, as is Instantane. These and many of the other apps have a price associated with them, so why not create photo collages on your Mac using tools you already have?

How to use the new PDF features in macOS Monterey’s Preview app

macOS Monterey ups the game for the Preview app in a subtle way: you can better control over PDFs. In Big Sur and earlier releases of macOS, you had to rely on Adobe Acrobat or another PDF-editing program to set controls.