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How do I Subscribe to Forum?

Our club’s support Forum is a private-access resource for members to seek help from other TVAUG members. You can post a question, review previous Q&A postings, and filter for selected postings. Participating in the TVAUG Forum is a feature of club membership. You must be a active (paid) member of TVAUG to participate. The first step in the process is to log into our membership site at so that we know you are a current member.

Login to Membership Site

Click on the Member Login menu item:

Request Forum Membership

At the Member’s Welcome Page, select the “Forum Request” button on the left.

Email Your Request

The next screen you see will have 4 lines of email instructions.   Click on the “Forum Request” link which will open your email. NOTE: If your browser is not configured to open emails automatically just send an email to the address specified there.

Confirm Your Request

This sends an email to the Forum Admins and automatically sends you another one back within seconds asking for confirmation that it was actually you sending the request.  It will look like this:

After you click on Reply to confirm it was actually you making the request, you will get an email like the one below – again within seconds.  This one is asking for your Full Name.  Yes, this extra step is a bit of a hassle but it is common across all Forum/Group systems (Google Groups, Yahoo Groups and the one we’re now using, because they typically only require an email address.  The email you get will look like the screenshot below.  Just reply with your First and Last name as show below it.

After you are notified that your request is approved by one of the Forum Administrators, you will be allowed to post to the Forum via email or by logging in to the forum’s website.  We highly recommend that you login to the forum website as it as many features in addition to just sending an email to the forum.  Those features are discussed in the Forum Features FAQ here.