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How Do I Check My Renewal Date?

Did you know there are a few places you can check to see when your membership expires and if it is actually time to renew?


1) Every weekly TVAUG NEWS email and all monthly meeting announcements include your yearly renewal date.

2) The easiest place to find it, of course, is on your badge!

Your Renewal Date is in the upper right corner as shown at right.

You should also check the email address while you’re looking as it is the one we have on file for you. Members often move from one service provider to another and don’t update their info.

If we don’t have your correct address, you won’t get our secretary’s email reminders about upcoming meetings, have access to our Forum, or receive the Weekly News updates from this site.

NOTE: We have not been meeting in-person since March so you obviously won’t have your latest badge if you registered or renewed since then.

3) So the other place to look — and where to go to update a new email address – is via the Membership menu item above. You’ll find a step-by-step video on how to renew your membership, change your password, or update your info there. When you login to do so, you’ll see a screen similar to this one with your Membership Ends date in the upper right corner of your My Account page.


If you have any questions, you can always reach us via the Contact Us page here.