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Meeting Notice Emails

TVAUG uses the MailChimp application to send emails out to our active membership.  When you first became a new member, you were added to our MailChimp mailing list.  Updating our mailing list is a manual process that typically occurs every couple of weeks.  So if you happened to join right after we did an update, you may not be on our list for a couple of weeks.  But, not to worry – the info in the emails is available elsewhere as we’ll mention below.

Type of Emails

There are 3 different types of emails we send on a regular basis.  The first is an automatic one, The TVAUG Weekly News, and  is generated by our website every week.  Those emails are covered in the FAQ here.

The second type of emails that we send out via MailChimp are our Meeting Announcements & Notices.

The third type of emails are your automatic membership renewal reminders.  You receive one the month before your membership is about to expire. Then if you have not renewed, you receive a reminder again the following.  If you do not renew, your account is deleted and you will have to go through the process of signing up as a new member again if you want to re-join.

Meeting Notices Details

Below is a screenshot of a typical Meeting Announcement email for one of our TVAUG Tuesdays meetings that was held via Zoom.  It is split into 3 sections to highlight the details of each area.

The top portion has our TVAUG logo and a brief description of the upcoming meeting.

The next screenshot shows the middle section of the email which has some details about how to login since this meeting was done via Zoom.  Note the additional reminder that the meeting info is on our Forum’s calendar which automatically sends out reminders with login details to our Forum members — just one other reason to join our Forum!!

The bottom footer section is basically the same one that is in all our MailChimp emails.  It contains some mandatory and important information which is described in detail below.

Unsubscribe Info

MailChimp is required by both US and European Spam laws to provide a link to Unsubscribe from its emails in the footer of every email it sends out.  We have a free account with them so their little advertising logo is also one of their requirements.

IMPORTANT: If you Unsubscribe from these Meeting Announcement emails you are unsubscribing from our master email list.  Therefore you will stop receiving ALL emails that we send out via MailChimp.  That includes the TVAUG Weekly News sent out as described in this FAQ.

If you do so by accident or change your mind and want to start receiving our TVAUG emails again via MailChimp, you personally have to re-subscribe via a link that we can send you.  We can’t put that link on our website because we only want TVAUG members on our mailing list.  Because of those Spam laws MailChimp does not permit us to manually add your email address to our distribution list.  Use the Contact Us page to send us an email and we’ll get you back on in just a click!