Our club’s support Forum is a private-access resource for members to seek help from other TVAUG members.  You can post a question, review previous Q&A postings, and filter for selected postings.Participating in the TVAUG Forum is a feature of club membership.  You must be a member of TVAUG to participate.

Participating in the TVAUG Forum is an optional feature of club membership. You must be an active member of TVAUG to view and participate.

Below are step-by-step instructions for signing up to the Forum:

  1. Log on to your account at our membership website Enter your user name and password (if PW lost, click on “Lost your password?” link to reset your PW).
  2. At the Member’s Welcome Page, select “Forum Request” button on the left.
  3. Note the 4 lines of email instructions then click on the “Forum Request” link which will open your email. If your browser is not configured to open emails automatically just do it manually and send an email to the address specified there.
  4. In the Subject line type “Join”.
  5. After you are notified that your request is approved by the Forum Moderator, you will be allowed to post to the Forum.

You can choose to be notified every time someone posts to the group or receive a daily or weekly digest of postings. Members who are frequent users strongly suggest choosing the most-frequent notifications AND controlling the message flow by setting a rule in your email so that messages are automatically routed to a folder you establish for the purpose.

TVAUG Forum Guidelines

In short:

  • Be a good citizen — Treat others with respect.
  • Stay on topic — Keep your content relevant to the forum.
  • Follow the law — We don’t want any trouble here.

Here’s how you can get the most out of our Forum:

  1. Share what you know. Chances are, someone can benefit from what you have to contribute.
  2. Be courteous. Everyone wants to be treated with respect, and showing respect to others makes our group better for all members.
  3. Moderate your content. Adult-oriented and political content is not allowed.
  4. Have a good time. When people behave responsibly and respectfully our forum thrives and everybody wins.

Here are some things our Forum shouldn’t be used for:

  1. Don’t be unkind. Exploitative or degrading comments are not welcome here. Also not welcome are belligerence, insults, slurs, profanity or ranting.
  2. Don’t be a spammer. Keep off-topic commercial messages out of our group.
  3. The club’s Forum is not for personal use, such as advertising garage sales, your church activities, equipment for sale, or political jokes.

Our forum, in the sole discretion of its moderators, may remove any content or remove you from the forum immediately and without notice if you violate the forum guidelines, or we believe you have violated or tried to violate the rights of others. Please help us keep our forum an enjoyable and positive experience. If you see content that violates our rules, please let us know by contacting us via the Forum Owner.


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