After stepping up to newer technology, many members have asked us what they can do with their older Apple devices. TVAUG will gladly take in your old device and set it back to factory original settings. We donate the restored items to local charities like the local Boys and Girls Clubs in Lake County and the Sumter County Youth Centers in Bushnell and Wildwood.

We take in the following Apple devices only: iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Mini, iMac — sorry, no printers!  We are always in need of USB keyboards and mice to help with the refurbishing process and to pair with the donated computers.

If you are donating an iOS device, you must remove your power-on passcode and turn off the “Find My iPhone” option if it is enabled.  Please attach a piece of paper with your contact information in case there are any questions.  Here is a link to the Apple Support website that shows you how to reset your iOS device.

Ed Muhs, along with his new helpers, Bill Holstun and Iris Stansfield, do the refurbishing and distribution.  When we have in-person meetings, Ed can usually be seen sitting at the back table of our Saddlebrook meetings.  Because of Rec Center restrictions during the pandemic, please coordinate a drop off with them by sending an email here.

If you have a Windows computer that is no longer needed, please reach out to The Villages Computer Club here.  Sorry, but we just don’t have the resources to work on them.

Chuck and Ed

Sorry – No Printers!