Your TVAUG Board is comprised of our 5 Executive members and about 20 Advisory members. Some of the Advisory Board members have special roles as listed at right.  You can recognize Board members at club meetings by their white TVAUG-logo shirts.

Advisory members are appointed by the President. Executive members are elected by club membership every two years to the roles of President, First VP, Second VP, Secretary, and Treasurer. Board meetings are held at least quarterly to discuss issues and opportunities, make financial decisions, and review membership services such as programming, meeting schedule and facility, charitable activities, and the club’s website.

Running the country’s largest Apple user group requires plenty of energy from this dedicated group of volunteers as they handle the following operations on your behalf:


  • Securing our Rec Center meeting space
  • Keeping membership records, collecting dues, paying bills
  • Arranging useful programs and presentations
  • Setting up audio/visual equipment at presentation meetings
  • Recording, editing, and posting presentations
  • Helping with membership renewals and credentials at every meeting
  • Managing our Members Support Forum
  • Staffing Help sessions
  • Managing door prizes and split raffles
  • Managing scholarship program
  • Supporting equipment-donation program
  • Publicizing meetings
  • And of course, maintaining this website-;)
BonannoTomProgram Chairperson
CrawfordTonyRecording Team
FeeneyCyndiAdvisory Board & Helper
FeldmanMarkAdvisory Board & Helper
Fellows-WhiteCynthiaAdvisory Board & Helper
FortlageCarolApple Ambassador
HelleksonNancyRecording Team
HolstunBillAdvisory Board & Helper
KaufmanNormRecording Team
MartinCaroleAdvisory Board & Helper
MitchellBruce1st Vice President
MuhsEdVice President Emeritus
OshryHad2nd Vice President
Membership Chairman
OttMarciAdvisory Board & Helper
Webmaster, Audio Team
PierceDavidAdvisory Board & Helper
ReedJudyMembership Co-Chairman
ToddJoanAdvisory Board & Helper
WintersTomAudio Team