Dues are $10 per year, and you must be a resident of The Villages to attend our in-person meetings. Non-residents of The Villages are welcome to join but our in-person meetings are held in the Saddlebrook Recreation Center which is only available for residents of The Villages.

We are currently only meeting online via Zoom. Links to those meetings are in our Support Forum calendar. Reminders are also sent via MailChimp prior to each meeting.

New Registrations and annual renewal payments are done online only. Sorry, we do not accept checks or cash.

Club ID badges and renewal stickers can be picked up at the membership table when we meet in-person. Wearing your ID badge makes you eligible for the door prize awarded at each in-person meeting. Use the JOIN link here to become a member.

Renewals are not automatic. Use the RENEW link under your My Account info to renew your membership, update personal information, or reset a forgotten password. Step-by-step instructions to renew are in this FAQ. It includes help dealing with a forgotten password.

If both you and your spouse/significant other choose to be members, a single dues payment covers both. This household membership does not extend to your golfing buddy.

Badge replacement charge is $2.

If you would like more information, you can contact us here.