TVAUG tries to record as many meeting presentations as possible. The video recordings are stored in an online service, Vimeo, that is similar to YouTube but gives us a bit more privacy.

If you are new to Apple products, the Back To Basics page here is a great place to start for beginners or even as a refresher course. You’ll find links to public video tutorials on iPhone, iPad and iMac devices.

Below are some of our club’s presentations from previous years.  They can be filtered by clicking on CATEGORY dropdown box.

SECURITY20/12/08Tom Bonanno, Bruce MitchellUnderstanding Malware on Macs
PRODUCTS20/12/01Tony CrawfordApple Buying Guide Pt2
PRODUCTS20/11/03Tony Crawford
Apple Buying Guide Pt1
SECURITY20/10/13Tom Bonanno, Bruce MitchellApple Security & Privacy
PRODUCTS20/10/06Tony CrawfordiOS14 New Apple Products Services
APPS20/09/08Bruce Mitchell, Tom BonannoPreview App
WATCH20/09/01Tony CrawfordApple Watch Demo

APPS20/08/04Cyndi FeeneyHealth App and Battery Life
WATCH20/07/15Dr. Sujata Balulad, M.D.A Discussion with a Cardiologist about the Apple Watch and aFib
APPS20/07/14Tom BonannoApple Podcasts
ICLOUD20/07/07Tony CrawfordAll About iCloud
IPHONE/IPAD20/06/16Carole Martin and othersControl Center and Widgets N/A
TVAUG20/06/09Bruce Mitchell, Tom BonannoNew TVAUG Forum N/A
Q&A20/05/27Carol Fortlage and participating TVAUG membersMay 27 Q &A N/A
SECURITY20/03/09Carol Fortlage, Bruce MitchellBackups

APPS20/02/18Tony CrawfordBooks App on iPad
SECURITY20/02/10Norm KaufmanSharing Emergency Info w Your Survivors
APPS20/01/22Nancy HelleksonSafari Preferences
APPS20/01/21Tony CrawfordNotes: Part 13 (#125)
IPHONE/IPAD20/01/13Cyndi Feeney, Tom BonannoLove2Learn - #13
IPHONE/IPAD19/12/17Tony CrawfordiPhone/iPad Workshop: Part 12 (#100)
IPHONE/IPAD19/12/17Tony CrawfordiPhone Camera PDF
IPHONE/IPAD19/12/09Cyndi FeeneyLove2Learn - #12
IPHONE/IPAD19/11/19Tony CrawfordiPhone/iPad Workshop: Part 11 (#97-99)
IPHONE/IPAD19/11/11Cyndi Feeney, Tom BonannoLove2Learn - #11
MACS19/10/23Nancy HelleksonAlbums and 10 Catalina Features
PRODUCTS19/10/15Tom BonannoLatest Apple Products and Services
WATCH19/10/14Cyndi Feeney, Tom BonannoLove2Learn - #10 Email and Watch Features
Q&A19/09/25TVAUG Forum Q and APanel Q and A
MACS19/09/17Nancy HelleksonCatalina and HEIC
IPHONE/IPAD/WATCH19/09/09Cyndi Feeney, Tom BonannoLove2Learn - #09
APPS19/08/20Ginny Downs and Associates
Lake Sumter Library
There's an App for That
IPHONE/IPAD/WATCH19/08/12Cyndi Feeney, Tom BonannoLove2Learn - #08
IPHONE/IPAD/WATCH19/07/08Cyndi Feeney, Tom BonannoLove2Learn - #07

PHOTOS19/06/18Nancy HelleksonPhotos 102 -No video as we had technical issues during the recording.
IPHONE/IPAD/WATCH19/06/10Cyndi Feeney, Tom BonannoLove2Learn - #06
SECURITY19/06/10Tom WintersScams N/A
IPHONE/IPAD19/05/22Tony CrawfordiPhone/iPad Workshop: Part 10 (#92-96)
PHOTOS19/05/21Nancy HelleksonMac Basics Photos 101
IPHONE/IPAD/WATCH19/05/13Cyndi Feeney, Tom BonannoLove2Learn - #05
VIDEO19/05/13Tony CrawfordCutting the Cord Part 3 N/A
VIDEO19/05/11Tony CrawfordCutting the Cord Part 2 N/A
APPS19/04/24Carol FortlageNumbers Basics N/A
Q&A19/04/16Tom Winters, Carol Fortlage, Tom Bonanno, Cyndi Feeney, Bruce MitchellOpen Q and A Forum
VIDEO19/04/09Tony CrawfordCutting the Cord Part 1 N/A
IPHONE/IPAD/WATCH19/04/08Cyndi Feeney and othersLove2Learn - #04
APPS19/03/19Nancy HelleksonMac Basics Part 6: Intro to Pages
IPHONE/IPAD/WATCH19/03/11Cyndi Feeney and othersLove2Learn - #03
ICLOUD19/02/27Tom WintersWhat Is iCloud?
IPHONE/IPAD19/02/19Tony CrawfordiPhone/iPad Workshop: Part 09 (#91-92)
IPHONE/IPAD/WATCH19/02/11Cyndi Feeney and othersLove2Learn - #02
IPHONE/IPAD19/01/23Tony CrawfordiPhone/iPad Workshop: Part 08 (#87-90)
APPS19/01/15Nancy HelleksonMac Basics Part 5: Web Browsers
IPHONE/IPAD/WATCH19/01/14Cyndi Feeney and othersLove2Learn - #01
IPHONE/IPAD18/12/18Tony CrawfordiPhone/iPad Workshop: Part 07 (#57-86)
PRODUCTS18/12/10Ian Burns, Tom Bonanno, Bruce MitchellNew iPhone Comparisons
PRODUCTS18/11/28Tony CrawfordBuyers Guide for Apple Devices
MISC18/11/20Dean BusheyAutonomous Vans in The Villages
MAIL18/10/16Nancy HelleksonMac Basics Part 4: Apple Mail
APPS18/10/08Cyndi Feeney, JJ McNut, Joan Todd, Gay BirchardA Little Bit of This A Little Bit of That N/A
SECURITY18/09/26Michelle Decandia, Ginny Patrick DownsOnline Safety
MACS18/09/18Nancy HelleksonMac Basics Part 3: System Preferences
VIDEO18/09/10Ted WrightCutting the Cord My Journey
IPAD18/08/13Cyndi Feeney, Joan Todd, JJ McNuttFeatures of the iPad Dock
MACS18/07/17Nancy HelleksonMac Basics Part 2: The Finder
SECURITY18/07/09Norm KaufmanKeeping Online Data Safe and Secure
MACS18/06/19Nancy HelleksonMac Basics Part 1: The Desktop
APPS18/06/11Cyndi Feeney, Cynthia Fellows-WhiteCalendars & Games
IPHONE/IPAD18/05/23Tony Crawford, Tom BonannoApple Accessibility Features
IPHONE/IPAD18/05/15Tony CrawfordiPhone/iPad Workshop: Part 06 (#50-56)
APPS18/05/14Ian BurnsApple Pay
IPHONE/IPAD18/04/17Tony CrawfordiPhone/iPad Workshop: Part 05 (#35-49)
Carol FortlagePrinting, Apple ID, iCloud
PHOTOS18/03/28Bruce MitchellPhotos - Part 2
IPHONE/IPAD18/03/20Tony CrawfordiPhone/iPad Workshop: Part 04 (#28-34)
IPHONE/IPAD18/03/20Tony CrawfordTony's Reference Sheet for iOS 11.3 (supplements workshop) updated 4.8.18
APPS18/03/12Carol FortlageMembers' Favorite Apps
APPS18/03/12Carol FortlageListing of Members' Favorite Apps
APPS18/02/28Ruth WilliamsMission Control Launchpad
APPS18/02/28Shirley LandSafari Bookmarks
IPHONE/IPAD18/02/20Tony CrawfordiPhone/iPad Workshop: Part 03 (#19-27)
APPS18/02/12Carol FortlageMaps Navigation App Store
PHOTOS18/01/24Bruce MitchellPhotos - Part 1 - What's New

IPHONE/IPAD18/01/16Tony CrawfordiPhone/iPad Workshop: Part 02 (#13-18)
IPHONE/IPAD17/12/19Tony CrawfordiPhone/iPad Workshop: Part 01 (#1-12)
WATCH17/12/11Tom Bonanno, Cyndi FeeneyApple Watch
Q&A17/11/218 TVAUG MembersQ & A Forum N/A
APPS17/11/13Tony CrawfordHome Automation
TVAUG17/10/25Chuck Palmer, Bruce MitchellRevamped TVAUG Website N/A
APPS17/10/25Carol FortlageHelp
APPS17/10/17Ian BurnsFaceTime:Video and Audio
APPS17/09/19Nancy HelleksonContacts N/A
IPHONE/IPAD17/09/19Cyndi FeeneyLove2Learn
MAIL17/08/15Carole MartinApple Mail N/A
APPS17/06/20Cyndi FeeneyText Edit, iPad Hints, Accessibility
IPHONE/IPAD17/06/20Tom BonannoAccessibility
SECURITY17/05/08Sumter County Sheriffs OfficeComputer Fraud N/A
MISC17/04/26Jose SuarezUbreakifix
IPHONE/IPAD17/04/18Dr. Laura Pratesi
Made for iPhone Hearing Aids
IPHONE/IPAD17/04/18Dr. Laura PratesiApple Device Connectivity Tips (Supplement)
MAIL17/04/10Carol FortlageEmail for Apple Users
VIDEO17/03/22Tony CrawfordApple TV


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