Are you getting our club’s emails?

Perhaps you accidentally unsubscribed from our MailChimp system or we don’t have your correct email address.  Our website automatically sends out our TVAUG Weekly News, meeting announcements and your yearly renewal reminders via that system.

How to see the Wi-Fi password of joined Wi-Fi networks on iPhone

iOS 16 makes it very easy to view the Wi-Fi password of any network you’re connected to or have connected to previously. So, if you can’t remember your Wi-Fi password, now it takes just a few steps to view it and copy it.

Track your Medications in the Health App with iOS 16

Learn how to track your medications and set reminders for medications you are taking with the Health app on the iPhone and iOS 16. 

iOS 16: How to Find, Merge, and Delete Duplicates in Your Photo Library

In previous versions of iOS, relying on your iPhone to automatically track down duplicate photos in your Photo Library wasn’t an option.In iOS 16 the Photos app will now automatically detect any duplicates in your library.